October 22, 2014

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Conspiracy or Truth - Russia Classifies CIA Assassination Of Top French Oil CEO


An ominous Federal Security Service (FSB) bulletin issued to all Ministries on Wednesday ordered that all information relating to the crash of the Dassault Falcon 50 business jet at Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) that killed Christophe de Margerie, CEO of French oil giant Total [the world's 13th biggest oil producer and Europe's 2nd largest], has now been classified as Of Special Importance, which is the highest classification level and refers to information which, if released, would cause damage to the entire Russian Federation.

According to this bulletin, the preliminary FSB investigation into this crash showed that upon takeoff at 12:10am Moscow time the plane's nose landing gear collided with a snow-removing machine and rolled over causing a fire that broke out after the collision, but there was no explosion, and which was quickly extinguished by the services of the airport.

The FSB further confirmed that Christophe de Margerie was the only passenger of the jet and died along with the airplane's crew in the collision. His death was further confirmed by Total and the head of the Vnukovo International Airport press service.

Of the different versions of the accident currently being publicly investigated, the FSB says, are the guilt of pilots, guilt of dispatchers, guilt of the snow-removing machine's driver and poor visibility.

Ominously, however, the FSB further states that they have discovered “unaccountable discrepancies” between the information recovered from the planes Flight Data Recorders and that of the control tower appearing to show that this aircraft was “surreptitiously directed” into the path of the snow-removal machine operating on another runway and whose driver was reported sober and whose lawyer stated that his client “is suffering from an acute heart condition; does not drink at all and has relatives and friends who can testify to that.”

To the “actions and motivations” of “state-actors” [FSB euphemism for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)] in seeking to assassinate Christophe de Margerie, this bulletin says, was the meeting he had just concluded with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wherein Total and its partner, Russia’s largest independent oil and gas producer Novatek, would begin selling oil and liquid natural gas (LNG) in either Euros or Rubles, and not US Dollars (aka: Petrodollar).

The FSB notes that Total and Novatek together have a 21 billion Euro (US $27 billion) project to develop a LNG project in Yamal in the Russian Arctic that should start producing in 2017. The field’s proven reserves are estimated at around 800 million barrels of oil equivalent, from which the two companies could one day produce as much as 15 million tons a year of LNG.

Total CEO Christophe de Margerie further enraged the Obama regime, the FSB says, when this past June, while responding to questions about calls by French policymakers to find ways at the EU level to bolster the use of the Euro in international business following a record US fine on BNP Paribas SA, France's biggest bank, stated:
     “There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars.” He further said that the fact that “oil prices are quoted in dollars per barrel did not mean that payments actually had to be made in that currency.”
FSB historical addendums to their bulletin note that the Petrodollar system was put into place after President Richard Nixon shocked the global economy on 15 August 1971 when he officially ended the international convertibility from US Dollars into gold, thereby bringing an official end to the Bretton Woods Arrangement that stabilized the global economy in the aftermath of World War II.

Two years later, in an effort to maintain global demand for US Dollars, another system was created called the Petrodollar system and in 1973 a deal was struck between Saudi Arabia and the United States in which every barrel of oil purchased from the Saudis would be denominated in US Dollars.

Under this new arrangement, any country that sought to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia would be required to first exchange their own national currency for US Dollars. In exchange for Saudi Arabia's willingness to denominate their oil sales exclusively in US Dollars, the US offered weapons and protection of their oil fields from neighboring nations, including Israel.

By 1975, all of the OPEC nations had agreed to price their own oil supplies exclusively in US Dollars in exchange for weapons and military protection.

This petrodollar system, or more simply known as an “oil for dollars” system, created an immediate artificial demand for US Dollars around the globe.

As global oil demand increased, so did the demand for US Dollars, a scheme that enables America to stay afloat despite being nearly US $18 trillion in debt.

The existence of petrodollars, the FSB notes, is one of the pillars of America’s economic might because it creates a significant external demand for the American currency, allowing the US to accumulate enormous debts without defaulting.

With Russia now being demonized and sanctioned by the Obama regime, due to its policy of removing the US Dollar from oil and gas purchases, this FSB bulletin concludes, France has now joined with Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran in suffering the wrath of daring to go against the Petrodollar… as the assassination of Total CEO Christophe de Margerie proves beyond all doubt the horrific lengths the US will go to in order to protect its rapidly deteriorating economy.



SHAME - Extremists attack Orthodox St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai

The Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint Catherine’s, situated in the Sinai peninsula, has once again been attacked by Muslim extremists and local authorities, in spite of the long standing charity provided to the Bedouins by the monks.

(The monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was constructed between 548 and 565, and one of the oldest operating Christian monasteries in the world.)

The extremists reportedly took the monastery by storm, eventually managing to demolish the gate and then take two of the monks hostage. The monks had to submit to the raiders and agreed to pay them a tax in exchange for an end to the atrocious attacks.

Nevertheless, the islamists are still threatening the Archbishop of Sinai and his monks with violence, claiming this ancient monastery was ‘illegally constructed’ in 2006, in spite of the fact the monastery dates to the time of the Emperor Justinian I (527-565)!

The monks were forced to pay a ransom of US $21,000 to obtain the release of the two kidnapped monks.

In spite of the numerous complaints and appeals to local Egyption law-enforcement agencies, the situation remains bleak, with local autonomous bodies closing their eyes to the extremists’ calls to obliterate Christianity on Sinai and “to restore justice”, which means “returning” the Christian settlement Oyun Musa (“Moses springs”) to Muslims” with the reference to the Quranic texts.

Not long ago the authorities imposed a tax upon all the monastery’s monks.

It was done because the monastery “had a refectory for pilgrims”, which allegedly “served as a source of enrichment.”

For the first time in Egyptian history, such a decision was made towards the ascetics who never leave this place of prayer.

It is now feared that the Muslims are intending to destroy this ancient monastery, the oldest continually active monastery in the world.

The attack on these peaceful monks is yet one more demonstration of the evil intent of Muslims to destroy all traces of Christianity in the Middle East, while Western nations, including the United States, continue to allow Muslims to migrate into our own nations, constructing mosques near our college campuses, and proselytizing for their religion among hardened prisoners in our state and federal prisons.



Phaistos Disk: Was It A Tribute to Minoan Crete's Mother-Goddess?

The Phaistos Disk, whose decoding has puzzled experts for more than a century now, is actually a prayer to a mother, according to Erasmus coordinator at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete, Gareth Owens, who was speaking at the TEI of Western Macedonia earlier this week.

Describing it as "the first Minoan CD-ROM," he said the disk was discovered in 1908 at the palace of Phaistos, in the northeastern part of the Aegean Island of Crete.

The round clay object, dated close to 1700 B.C., apparently displays an unknown language on both sides which is carved in a circular fashion, from outside to the centre.

Dr. Owens says that there is a complex of signs found in three parts of one side of the disk spelling I-QE-KU-RJA (YGEIAN + AGAPI), with I-QE meaning "great lady of importance" while a key word appears to be AKKA, or "pregnant mother." One side is devoted to a pregnant woman and the other to a woman giving birth, he noted.
     "The most stable word and value is 'mother'," and in particular the mother-goddess of the Minoan era, to whom the disk is dedicated, stressed Owens.
He then noted the institution's web site, www.teicrete.gr/daidalika, where more than 242 signs can be viewed from both sides of the disk, based on 45 different signs. Owens says that there are too many to constitute an alphabet and too few to constitute a truly ideographic script, as is the case with Chinese.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain. The disk will continue to puzzle and fascinate scholars for eons to come.

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Obama’s Coalition Partners Fund the ISIL

The curious contradiction of President Obama’s coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, has been widely exposed in many countries over the past days, namely, the fact that while part of the coalition is ineffectively throwing bombs around Iraq and Syria, the other part is financing the ISIL.

Contributed to HellasFrappe
By E.I.R. Strategic Alert

Moreover, Turkey, a NATO member, is openly abetting the ISIL to block creation of an autonomous Kurdish region in Syria, bordering on the Kurdish region of Iraq which is already quasi independent.

On Oct 9, Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shouky met with General John Allen, the American special envoy for the anti ISIL coalition, where he made the same point we have made from the beginning. Egypt’s idea of counter-terrorism in the region, he said, according to Al Ahram, is to dry up the finances of terrorist organizations.

That financing is coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Gulf States and Turkey, as is well known. Interestingly, a number of British security experts have been outspoken on that connection, as British involvement in the air strikes is highly contested.

Lord Dannatt, a former Chief of the General Staff of the British Armed Forces, told the Daily Telegraph on Oct. 5:
     “It is completely unacceptable that some individuals in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere see advantage in channelling large sums of money to the so-called Islamic State.” He called on the government to stop allowing these countries to buy lucrative assets in Britain unless they dismantle terrorist funding networks.
Former Defense Secretary Liam Fox recently wrote in the same daily that “money has been flowing from rich individuals in the Gulf states, if not their governments,” to the ISIL.

The Telegraph also cited a recent speech by the former head of Britain’s MI6 intelligence service Sir Richard Dearlove, who fingered Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We would suggest that that figures, if they are serious, might start at home by cleaning up “Londonistan”.

As for Turkey, the French magazine Marianne revealed that certain Turkish banks with branches in London are funneling funds from private Saudi and Gulf State networks to the IS. The jihadist financiers transfer the money to the London branches, which in turn transfer it to front companies in Turkey, which pass it on to the ISIL.

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Lebanese-American TV reporter killed in Turkey After Exposing Explosive Report (VIDEOS)

Lebanese-American reporter working for Iranian channel, Press TV, Serena Shim was killed in a car crash in Turkey, following reports of accusations from Turkey’s intelligence agency (MIT) that she had been “spying.”
     “Our correspondent Serena Shim has been killed near the Turkey-Syria border. Serena was killed in a reported car accident when she was returning from a report scene... their car collided with a heavy vehicle,” a Press TV broadcast stated on Monday. Shim had also been the mother of two young children. (TV disputed this, alleging that both driver and vehicle have disappeared.)
Press TV has additionally expressed suspicion, implying that it may not have been an accident.
     “Just a couple of days ago she had been threatened by Turkish intelligence,” the broadcast said.
Shim had been returning to her hotel after reporting from Suruc – a rural district near the Syrian border, where a many foreign journalists are based.

They are covering news from the Syrian northeastern border town of Kobani, under siege by Islamic State militants for the past month due to its strategic importance.

She had expressed fears for her own safety; her death on Sunday came a day after she reported receiving threats from the Turkish intelligence agency (MİT), saying they had accused her of spying.
     “The Turkish intelligence agency has now accused our correspondent Serena Shim of being a spy,” said a Press TV report on Saturday.
     “I’m very surprised at this accusation – I even thought of approaching Turkish intelligence because I have nothing to hide,” Shim said in the broadcast on Saturday.
     “I am a bit worried, because... Turkey has been labeled by Reporters Without Borders as the largest prison for journalists… so I am frightened about what they might use against me,” she said. 
Shim had been reporting that IS militants had crossed the border from Turkey into Syria in trucks apparently affiliated with NGOs, some of which allegedly bore World Food Organization symbols. She claimed that she had received images from Islamic militants crossing the Turkish border and was one of the few reporters focusing on the matter.
     “We were some of the first people on the ground –if not the first people – to get that story of…militants going in through the Turkish border…I’ve got images of them in World Food Organization trucks. It was very apparent that they were militants by their beards, by the clothes they wore, and they were going in there with NGO trucks,” she said. 

Source PressTV

Champions League: Olympiakos Gears Up To Host Juventus

The mighty red Olympiakos soccer team is getting ready to host Juventus on Wednesday night in Group A of the Champions League. The Greek team lost 2-0 at Malmo last time out, having previously won its group opener 3-2 against Atletico Madrid. At present, Olympiakos is ranked fourth in the standings, level on three points with all three group rivals after two games played. The expected match will be without injured Juventus defenders Andrea Barzagli and Martin Caceres while Greece's Olympiakos is going to be at full strength.


Prosecutor Launches Inquiry Into Events at Athens University

The head of Greece's first-instance court public prosecutors, Ilias Zagoraios, on Tuesday ordered an urgent preliminary inquiry into the recent events that unfolded at the Athens University, after its Rector Theodoros Fortsakis filed a complaint that the university's functioning had been disrupted. Press reports in Athens claim that the charge is a misdemeanour level offence and Fortsakis has not asked for the immediate intervention of the police since there are no damages that prevent the university's operation, noting that it operated as normal on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Fortsakis claimed that MPs from the main opposition SYRIZA party were behind the student takeover of the university rectorate. While speaking on ANT1 TV station, Fortsakis was quoted as saying that a group of SYRIZA MPs entered the university with the students and accused them of motivating the students to stage the takeover.
     “Can I enter Koumoundourou (SYRIZA party headquarters) without permission? The University is open for all those who belong here but everyone else needs permission. SYRIZA MPs are welcome, as long as they are granted permission” Fortsakis stressed.

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MAJOR FAIL By New York Times: Says McCain Has No Connections To ISIS

By Brandon Turbeville (Global Research) - The author mentions a picture in which we see John McCain with Free Syrian Army Commander Salim Idriss and a man who looks like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (behind McCain). Although the identity of the man remains to be confirmed, John McCain’s links to terrorists in Syria are very real, as the author demonstrates.

“Conspiracy Theory!!!” cried the New York Times in its recent attempt to defend John McCain against revelations that show the Senator from Arizona providing material support to terrorism.

The NY Times was called into action to “debunk” the evidence that McCain had met with terrorists, cannibals, and ISIS militants in Syria after the photographs of those meetings began circulating in the alternative media and more mainstream figures began to pick up on and run with them over the last few months.

From the New York Times, Rick Gladstone writes,
    Senator John McCain was one of the earliest advocates of American military action against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria . So it has been vexing for Mr. McCain to be battling persistent — and false — Internet rumors that he not only helped invent the group but also knows its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Muslim world and America’s latest Public Enemy No. 1.
    The rumors are based partly on images of a Syrian fighter who resembles Mr. Baghdadi, seen in photographs with Mr. McCain — some originally posted on Twitter by the senator — during his visit in May 2013 to northern Syria . He met members of the Free Syrian Army, an insurgent group that opposes ISIS and that President Obama, in a on his new strategy for battling ISIS, has vowed to strengthen.
    Nurtured by conspiracy blogposts, social media and photo-altering tricks, the false rumors of Mr. McCain’s relationship with ISIS have taken on a life of their own.
While the NY Times denies the photographs showing John McCain and Baghdadi together, it freely admits that McCain met with the Free Syrian Army, itself a terrorist organization responsible for indiscriminate killings, imposition of sharia law, murders, rapes, cannibalism and more.

Although Gladstone and the NY Times attempt to portray the FSA as moderate rebels, the writer and the publication should remember one of its own articles from as far back as April, 2013, written by Ben Hubbard. Hubbard wrote,
    In Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, rebels aligned with Al Qaeda control the power plant, run the bakeries and head a court that applies Islamic law. Elsewhere, they have seized government oil fields, put employees back to work and now profit from the crude they produce.
    Across Syria, rebel-held areas are dotted with Islamic courts staffed by lawyers and clerics, and by fighting brigades led by extremists. Even the Supreme Military Council, the umbrella rebel organization whose formation the West had hoped would sideline radical groups, is stocked with commanders who want to infuse Islamic law into a future Syrian government.
    Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of. [emphasis added]
Even one of the FSA commanders, Bassel Idriss, recently admitted to openly collaborating with ISIS and al-Nusra, revealing yet another example of the fact that the “moderate rebels” are not moderate at all.

In an interview with the Daily Star of Lebanon , Idriss stated “We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in . . . Qalamoun . . . . Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values.”

Idriss also admitted that many FSA fighters had pledged allegiance to ISIS. He said, “[ISIS] wanted to enhance its presence in the Western Qalamoun area. After the fall of Yabroud and the FSA’s retreat into the hills [around Arsal], many units pledged allegiance [to ISIS]”.

Abu Fidaa, a retired Syrian Army Colonel who is now a part of the Revolutionary Council in the Qalamoun, corroborated Idrisss’ statements by saying that “A very large number of FSA members [in Arsal] have joined ISIS and Nusra. In the end, people want to eat, they want to live, and the Islamic State has everything.”

Not only the FSA, but also the Syrian Revolutionary Front has also openly admitted to working with Nusra and al-Qaeda. The leader of the SRF, Jamaal Maarouf admitted that his brigades coordinate with Nusra and al-Qaeda regularly.

Salem Idriss, one of the men seen in the photograph with John McCain, is the commander of the FSA, the “opposition group” touted as a “moderate rebels.” In reality, of course, the FSA is nothing of the sort. As Daniel Wagner wrote for the Huffington Post in December, 2012,
    In the outskirts of Aleppo, the FSA has implemented a Sharia law enforcement police force that is a replica of the Wahhabi police in Saudi Arabia — forcing ordinary citizens to abide by the Sharia code. This is being done in a secular country which has never known Sharia Law. This type of action is currently also being implemented in northern Mali, where the West has officially declared its opposition to the al-Qaeda government that took control earlier this year. If what is happening near Aleppo is representative of what may happen if the FSA assumes control of Syria, the country may become an Islamic state. Is that really what the U.S. and other Western countries are intending to tacitly support?
    Indeed, the FSA has also been targeting the infrastructure of the country. One of the main power plants in Damascus was knocked out for three days last week, impacting 40 percent of the city’s residents. Do ‘freedom fighters’ typically attack critical infrastructure that impacts ordinary citizens on a mass scale? The FSA long ago stopped targeting solely government and military targets.
The FSA is no stranger to atrocities. The FSA is the “moderate opposition” that was filmed forcing a young child to behead a Syrian soldier. It is also the “moderate opposition” that maintained “burial brigades,” a system of mass murder and mass executions against soldiers and those who support the Syrian government. The burial brigades were only one small part of a much wider campaign of terror and executions implemented by the Free Syrian Army.

Of course, the Free Syrian Army is merely the umbrella group of death squads carefully crafted to present a “moderate” face on what is, in reality, nothing more than savage terrorists. Thus, the FSA encompasses(d) a number of smaller “brigades” of al-Qaeda terrorists in order to cover up the true nature of its own ranks.

One such brigade was the Farouq brigade, to which Abu Sakkar was a member. Sakkar, also seen in photographs with John McCain, was the famous rebel videotaped cutting the heart out of a Syrian soldier and biting into it .

Yet, for all its noble attempts to protect McCain’s terrorist sympathies, the evidence the organization provides in his defense is incredibly weak. Note that the only thing the Times can produce in the way of evidence is a counter-claim that simply says the accusations are “internet rumours” and that the person in the picture with McCain simply looks like Baghdadi. The idea that he is Baghdadi is considered an impossibility.

The only other offering in the way of McCain’s defense is a statement by his own Communications Director, Brian Rogers, who claims that the man in the picture was not Baghdadi but another individual associated with the Northern Storm Brigade, ironically a terrorist organization in its own right. Northern Storm was famous for kidnapping a group of religious pilgrims crossing through Syria in September, 2012.

Nevertheless, the comparisons of the photographs and the individuals in them lean toward the idea that the terrorist in the picture is Baghdadi. Regardless of who it was, the individual was a terrorist since McCain’s defense is that it was a fighter/commander with Northern Storm.

The New York Times’ Gladstone might also be surprised to learn that “the false rumors of Mr. McCain’s relationship to ISIS” was confirmed by none other than John McCain himself. On the Sean Hannity Show, when responding to some tepid criticism by Rand Paul regarding the methods taken to support the death squads in Syria, McCain stated ,
    Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria? Has he ever met with ISIS? Has he ever met with any of these people? No. No. We’re gonna have a fight because it’s patently false. This is the same Rand Paul that said we didn’t want to have anything to do with anything by the way. I don’t want to get in a fight with him at all. But it’s not true. I know these people. I’m in contact with them all the time and he is not.
Earlier in the interview, after stating that he could personally show Obama places on the map to bomb in Syria to kill ISIS, he also stated that, in regards to the death squads, “I know these people intimately. We talk to them all the time.”

McCain’s also referred back to the tired line of Syrian death squads actually being peaceful protesters “fighting for freedom.”

So McCain has met with at least three terrorists and terrorist organizations in Syria. But these groups are by no means the end of the trail of McCain’s treachery or his connection to terrorism. After all, it must be remembered that McCain traveled to Libya during the assault against Ghaddafi in order to meet with terrorists in that country and promote the barbarism which they would ultimately bring. As Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, “ John McCain Claims Al-Qaeda Thugs Have ‘Inspired The World ,’”
    He [McCain] had made an April visit to Benghazi, a city cited along with neighboring Darnah by a 2007 West Point report as the terror recruiting capitals of the world and the primary sources of foreign fighters that made their way to Iraq fighting and killing American troops. These fighters did so under the flag of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed to this day by the US State Department as a “foreign terrorist organization.” Despite overwhelming evidence and even admissions from Libyan rebels themselves of having ties to, being members of, or in Tripoli “council leader” Abdul Belhaj’s case, a leader of this listed terrorist organization, McCain would declare he had “met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation.”
    Despite McCain’s reassuring words, the rebels over the next several months would increasingly reveal their true nature to a horrified world as they waged racist genocide against Libya’s darker and black tribes, and conducted their “liberation” against cities resisting them with indiscriminate heavy weapons, blockades designed to literally starve the populations into submission and horrific reprisals once cities fell. While the corporate media did its best to obfuscate these atrocities, when entire cities like Tawarga with its 10,000 residents began disappearing from the map, even the propagandists were forced to acknowledge the “liberators” were less than noble.
It should also be noted that McCain is extremely close to the color revolution apparatus organization, the International Republican Institute , a wing of the National Endowment for Democracy and USAID.[1] In fact, he is the current Chairman of the IRI .

As it currently stands, the fact that some people are more equal than others is clearly proven in the case of John McCain. While any other American would be immediately imprisoned and possibly tortured as a result of their connections to terrorism, John McCain is rewarded with the title of U.S. Senator and the false label of “war hero.”

While John McCain has proven his disloyalty to the United States time and time again – from his scuttling of Congressional inquiries into the existence of American prisoners of war in Vietnam to the support for obvious terrorists overseas, the mainstream media has consistently given him a pass on his treasonous behavior.

It is thus important for every American to know that not only is there no such thing as a moderate opposition in Syria but that John McCain is no American hero. If the Americans mentioned in the recent AP report can be investigated, tried, and convicted of providing support for terrorists operating abroad then surely John McCain has earned his day in court.


Antikythera: New Discovories Show That Luxury Cargo Survives

IMAGE: Greek technical diver Alexandros Sotiriou discovers an intact "lagynos" ceramic table jug and a bronze rigging ring on the Antikythera Shipwreck. Credit: (Brett Seymour, Copyright: Return to Antikythera 2014)
A Greek and international team of divers and archaeologists has retrieved stunning new finds from an ancient Greek ship that sank more than 2,000 years ago off the remote island of Antikythera. The rescued antiquities include tableware, ship components, and a giant bronze spear that would have belonged to a life-sized warrior statue

A Greek and international team of divers and archaeologists has retrieved stunning new finds from an ancient Greek ship that sank more than 2,000 years ago off the remote island of Antikythera. The rescued antiquities include tableware, ship components, and a giant bronze spear that would have belonged to a life-sized warrior statue.

The Antikythera wreck was first discovered in 1900 by sponge divers who were blown off course by a storm. They subsequently recovered a spectacular haul of ancient treasure including bronze and marble statues, jewellery, furniture, luxury glassware, and the surprisingly complex Antikythera Mechanism. But they were forced to end their mission at the 55-meter-deep site after one diver died of the bends and two were paralyzed. Ever since, archaeologists have wondered if more treasure remains buried beneath the sea bed.

Now a team of international archaeologists including Brendan Foley of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Theotokis Theodoulou of the Hellenic Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities have returned to the treacherous site using state-of-the-art technology. During their first excavation season, from September 15 to October 7, 2014, the researchers have created a high-resolution, 3D map of the site using stereo cameras mounted on an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Divers then recovered a series of finds which prove that much of the ship's cargo is indeed still preserved beneath the sediment.

Components of the ship, including multiple lead anchors over a metre long and a bronze rigging ring with fragments of wood still attached, prove that much of the ship survives. The finds are also scattered over a much larger area than the sponge divers realized, covering 300 meters of the seafloor. This together with the huge size of the anchors and recovered hull planks proves that the Antikythera ship was much larger than previously thought, perhaps up to 50 meters long.
     "The evidence shows this is the largest ancient shipwreck ever discovered," says Foley. "It's the Titanic of the ancient world."
The archaeologists also recovered a beautiful intact table jug, part of an ornate bed leg, and most impressive of all, a 2-meter-long bronze spear buried just beneath the surface of the sand. Too large and heavy to have been used as a weapon, it must have belonged to a giant statue, perhaps a warrior or the goddess Athena, says Foley. In 1901, four giant marble horses were discovered on the wreck by the sponge divers, so these could have formed part of a complex of statues involving a warrior in a chariot that was pulled by the four horses.

The shipwreck dates from 70 to 60 BC and is thought to have been carrying a luxury cargo of Greek treasures from the coast of Asia Minor west to Rome. Antikythera stands in the middle of this major shipping route and the ship probably sank when a violent storm smashed it against the island's sheer cliffs.

The wreck is too deep to dive safely using regular scuba equipment, so the divers had to use rebreather technology, in which carbon dioxide is scrubbed from the exhaled air while oxygen is introduced and recirculated. This allowed them to dive on the site for up to three hours at a time.

The archaeologists plan to return next year to excavate the site further and recover more of the ship's precious cargo. The finds, particularly the bronze spear, are "very promising," says Theodolou. "We have a lot of work to do at this site to uncover its secrets."

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a private, non-profit organization on Cape Cod, Mass., dedicated to marine research, engineering, and higher education. Established in 1930 on a recommendation from the National Academy of Sciences, its primary mission is to understand the ocean and its interaction with the Earth as a whole, and to communicate a basic understanding of the ocean's role in the changing global environment. For more information, please visit http://www.whoi.edu.


Controlling Ebola in W.Africa: Best way to decrease int'l risk

Controlling the Ebola virus outbreak at the source in West Africa is the most effective way to decrease international risk of transmission, according to a research paper published in The Lancet.

If the epidemic persists and grows, it's likely there will be more cases of the deadly virus exported to other countries, including Canada, via air travel, said Dr. Kamran Khan, a physician and researcher at St. Michael's Hospital.

Dr. Khan, who examines global airline travel patterns to predict the spread of diseases, said that every month, three Ebola-infected travellers are likely to leave West Africa, which is experiencing a widespread outbreak of the virus—and this number would only increase as the epidemic grows.

Dr. Khan and his co-authors said it is essential that other countries, their public health agencies and hospitals be prepared. The risk of international spread would be further compounded if this epidemic were to take hold in other countries, especially those with weak public health systems.
      "The international community must be mindful and be ready to support the early detection and control of cases should they be imported into resource-limited countries," Dr. Khan said.
Dr. Khan noted that of the almost 500,000 travellers who flew on commercial flights out of Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone in 2013, more than half were headed to destinations in five countries: Ghana (17.5 per cent, Senegal (14.4 per cent), the United Kingdom (8.7 per cent, France (7.1 per cent) and Gambia (6.8 per cent). More than 60 per cent of travellers from those countries in 2014 are expected to have final destinations in low- or lower-middle income countries.
      "Given that these countries have limited medical and public health resources, they may have difficulty quickly identifying and effectively responding to imported Ebola cases, said Dr Khan.
Dr. Khan said that international travel restrictions on countries with high rates of Ebola could have economic, health and humanitarian consequences that could compromise efforts to control the outbreak.
      "There is a great danger that excessive travel restrictions could disrupt supply chains of necessary food, people, medicine and equipment to help fight the epidemic and cause severe economic hardship," he said.
The 2005 International Health Regulations, signed by 196 countries, specify that steps to control the international spread of diseases should "avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade."

Dr. Khan said that supporting humanitarian aid, increasing the number of health care workers, and providing logistical support and equipment would be the most effective way to prevent the international spread of Ebola from West Africa. In addition, focusing on "exit screening" travelers as they leave affected countries would be more efficient than "entry screening" as they arrive in cities around the world.

Dr. Khan said that while a number of countries, including Canada, the United States and England are implementing entry screening by far the most efficient approach is exit screening of passengers leaving the three West African countries that are affected by Ebola – as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Exit screening is a preventative measure and can be focused on three major international airports in affected countries, whereas entry screening would require far greater resources to implement.

Entry screening may detract resources from other important public health activities in countries with limited public health infrastructure, he said.

Mediterranean diet, olive oil & nuts help reverse metabolic syndrome

For people with metabolic syndrome, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts may help reverse the condition, indicate findings from a clinical trial published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).  About 25% of adults around the world have metabolic syndrome. The syndrome exists in the presence of three or more factors such as large waist circumference, high blood pressure, low HDL-cholesterol, high levels of triglycerides and high blood sugar concentrations that can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death.

Spanish researchers analyzed data from the PREDIMED randomized controlled trial, which included men and women aged 55–80 years old at high risk of heart disease. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three diets: a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts or a low-fat diet as the control. In this secondary analysis, the research team looked at the long-term effects of the Mediterranean diet on metabolic syndrome in 5801 people. Almost 64% (3707) of the participants had metabolic syndrome at the start of the study.

After a median follow up period of 4.8 years, the researchers found that people in the two Mediterranean diet groups decreased their central obesity and blood glucose levels and 958 participants (28.2%) no longer met the criteria of metabolic syndrome.
     "In this large, multicentre, randomized clinical trial involving people with high cardiovascular risk, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil was associated with a smaller increase in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome compared with advice on following a low-fat diet," writes Dr. Jordi Salas-Salvadó, Human Nutrition Unit, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Hospital Universitari de Sant Joan de Reus, IISPV, Reus, Spain, with coauthors.
     "Because there were no between-group differences in weight loss or energy expenditure, the change is likely attributable to the difference in dietary patterns."
However, the Mediterranean diets did not appear to have an effect on the number of new cases of metabolic syndrome, a finding inconsistent with some previous studies.
     "Mediterranean diets supplemented with olive oil or nuts were not associated with a reduced incidence of metabolic syndrome compared with a low-fat diet; however, both diets were associated with a significant rate of reversion of metabolic syndrome," state the authors. 

October 17, 2014

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Putin Says Any Violation of Cyprus' Sovereignty is Unacceptable!

During a meeting with Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades on the sidelines of the ASEM meeting in Milan on Thursday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that any violation of the sovereignty of Cyprus is unacceptable.

According to a statement from Cypriot government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides, the two presidents had an “extensive discussion in a friendly and cordial atmosphere” at a dinner that was hosted late on Thursday night by the President of the Italian Republic for delegates participating in the Asia – Europe Summit.

According to the Cypriot government spokesman, talks centred mostly on the bilateral relations between Cyprus and Russia, EU-Russia relations as well as the current phase of the Cyprus problem with emphasis on the latest developments (as these were shaped as a result of the Turkish NAVTEX with regard to the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus.)
     "Putin reiterated Russia’s principled position both as regards the solution of the Cyprus problem and the inalienable right of the Republic to take advantage and exploit its natural resources within the EEZ,” noted Christodoulides. 
He also said that both Presidents agreed to hold another meeting in the near future (depending on the developments that may or may not unfold).


PROVOCATION: Greece Slams Attack by Albanian Ultranationalists on Minority Greeks

Greece’s Ambassador to Tirana sent a demarche to the Albanian Foreign Ministry, asking that Albanian authorities condemn the incidents that unfolded in Dervitsani (which is predominantly populated by a strong Greek minority). The violent incidents in Dervitsani occurred after the recent football match between Serbia and Albania, which ended prematurely when clashes broke out between players and fans when a flag of “Greater Albania” appeared in the stadium.

The ultranationalists apparently terrorized villagers, torched their cars and smashed storefronts, while they threatened that they would burn all the "Christians”.

The Greek-language media in Albania said that those responsible for the attack were from Lazarati village. In fact Himara.gr reported that some villagers were wounded, others fired warning shots in the air and the church bells tolled in alarm as the intruders wreaked havoc.

The Greek Ambassador also requested that all the necessary measures be taken to find, arrest and bring all those who carried out the attack to justice, while he noted that measures should be adopted in order to protect the Greek minority (especially ahead of the October 28th national celebration).

Finally, Rokanas conveyed Greece’s concern at similar attacks that he said target the Greek minority, and thus pose an obstacle to Albania’s European perspective.

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Amphipolis: "Royal" Tomb Not Ruled Out - Discovery of Mosaic Only Increases Optimism

The impressive mosaic depicting the Abduction of Persephone by Pluto that was unearthed in Amphipolis earlier has fascinated people from all walks of life because of its unique detail and colors. According to a statement by Greece's Ministry of Culture, the mosaic in Amphipolis appears to have been inspired by a similar wall painting that was found in Vergina.

While the identity of the person for whom the tomb was constructed still remains a mystery, the archaeological team involved in the excavation works believe that it probably belongs to an important figure. The head of the archaeological dig, Katerina Peristeri, told journalists that the person entombed was “without a doubt extremely important”.

When further pressed by journalists, Peristeri noted that it was too early to determine whether the tomb belongs to a member of the royal Macedonian family, but she did point out that the tomb’s significance has now increased because of this latest discovery.

Asked about the circular gap in the middle of the mosaic work of art, Peristeri said that the damage does not appear to have been caused naturally, without further elaborating.

Meanwhile, Lina Mendoni, (the general secretary of the Ministry of Culture) reassured journalists that all the findings unearthed from the Amphipolis tomb would remain in the area. She wanted to dispel rumors that they were to be moved to other museums. Mendoni said that the Ministry’s policy is to return artifacts to the area where they were discovered, (including those that were uncovered from older digs).


Lavrentis Lavrentiadis Facing New Charges - Ties To Carlyle Group Revealed

The First Instance Court Prosecutor of Athens has brought new charges of defrauding the Greek State and money laundry against businessman Lavrentis Lavrentiadis and five of his associates. According to a report in the To Vima online magazine, the new charges relate to the sale of a chemical company from Lavrentiadis to American investment firm Carlyle, which Lavrentiadis later reacquired through another sale. According to the prosecution, the financial scope of the criminal case against the businessman has been found to be more than 500 million Euros.

The case was launched in July 2012, after seven banks filed a lawsuit against Lavrentiadis in response to 500 million Euros worth of loans that were issued to fund the sale to the Carlyle investment firm.

Why should we suspect foulplay? Considering the Carlyle Group's recent history, as documented below by Wikipedia, one can only conclude that their dealings with the former Greek entrepreneur were not exactly on the up and up. Read this little bit of information we found on Wikipedia, and then read an article that we had posted on HellasFrappe nearly 3 years ago about this very group, their business dealings with Lavrentiadis and their close ties to the corrupt Greek media.
     Quite interestingly, in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, Micheal Moore makes nine allegations concerning the Carlyle Group, including: That the Bin Laden and Bush families were both connected to the Group; that following the attacks on September 11, the bin Laden family’s investments in the Carlyle Group became an embarrassment to the Carlyle Group and the family was forced to liquidate their assets with the firm; that the Carlyle group was, in essence, the 11th largest defense contractor in the United States, etc..
     Moore basically focused on Carlyle's connections with George H. W. Bush and his Secretary of State James A. Baker III, both of whom had at times served as advisers to the firm.
     The movie quotes author Dan Briody claiming that the Carlyle Group "gained" from September 11 because it owned United Defense, a military contractor, although the firm’s $11 billion Crusader artillery rocket system developed for the U.S. Army is one of the few weapons systems canceled by the Bush administration. A Carlyle spokesman noted in 2003 that its 7% interest in defense industries was far less than several other Private equity firms. Carlyle also has provided details on its links with the Bin Laden family, specifically the relatively minor investments by an estranged half brother.
     In his documentary The World According to Bush (May 2004), William Karel interviewed Frank Carlucci to discuss the presence of Shafiq bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's estranged brother, at Carlyle's annual investor conference while the September 11 attacks were occurring. Source Wikipedia

SPECIAL REPORT - How Is PASOK, Egnatia, Halliburton, Cheney & Bush Connected?

How are PASOK, Egnatia Odos, Halliburton, Cheney, Bush connected? Well... The triklopodia blog featured an interesting article recently that could not go unoticed by HellasFrappe. The author began investigating the whereabouts of former PASOK Minister Costas Laliotis, and by doing so he discloses information showing how the socialists, the elite (both in Greece and abroad) and some of the world's most controversial (and war-mongering) companies are all interwoven together like a tight spider's web.

According to the article, PASOK veteran Costa Laliotis (who was the Minister of Public Works under the Costas Simitis government in the 1990s) has disappeared from the face of the earth. Laliotis, who apparently handled (with "absolute" transparency -lol) some 4.3 trillion drachmas has dropped out of the face of this earth. His name is never mentioned in political circles anymore, and it is almost as if PASOK has waived a magic wand and made him disappear. Not even the mainstream media dares to utter his name, and it seems as if they purposely want us to forget he ever existed. Is it because he always raised controversy? After reading this article, we here at HellasFrappe believe that his disappearance is because he completed his mission.

The author on triklopodia said that his inspiration to investigate the story arrived after reading an article on another Greek blog which featured a news story about Greek public works and how these projects would fall under the "Egnatia Odos" SA company. That is when he decided to investigate the story further and much to his surprise, and to ours, he came out with some startling information.

The author first googled the company which was endorsed by Laliotis a decade ago for beginning construction on one of the most contemporary motorways in all of Europe, (but a project that was never finished by Laliotis, but by the Costas Karamanlis administration). When Laliotis was heading the relevant ministry, Greece was a giant construction site with works all over the country (such as the venues for the 2004 Olympic Games, the new airport at Spata, the Rio-Antirio Bridge, etc.)

All these projects were used by PASOK's star deputy Costas Laliotis and the Simitis government to project an image of Greece (and a socialist government) that was strong, that developed the nation and that actually listened and catered to the needs of the people. Anyone who lived in Greece during this period knows very well that the needs of the people were never met. In fact Greece, as we all know today, was in deep financial trouble back then, especially after the stock market scandal in 2000 when trillions of drachmas were literally stolen from the Greek people's pockets.

People of course did not know about the shady contracts -and costs of these works- but luckily for us this was all revealed a couple of years later in official reports, as well as from various opposition parties. According to the evidence, these works cost Greek taxpayers three times more than they would have normally cost us, and quite coincidentally the man who set up all these works was none other than Laliotis together with the Simitis government. In other words if a piece of highway normally cost 1000 a square meter to construct, during Laliotis' reign this cost was multiplied by three and therefore cost us 3000 Euros. Conclusion: These construction companies were making three times more than they usually would on similar projects.

In the same period the management of all related projects under the state owned Egnatia Odos SA were suddenly transferred to the US HALLIBURTON Company (Sound familiar... well look for the names Dick Cheney, George Bush, war in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Skopje, oil, etc... they are all somehow suspiciously affiliated and/or linked to this company).

HALLIBURTON, which changed its name to KBR (with revenues of over $18 billion) never once made its presence known in Greece known, in fact we here at HellasFrappe who read countless reports everyday never once came across their name in Greece until this story appeared on this regional news blog. The author of the story claims that he discovered the involvement of the company through the fine print and more exactly in a sentence mentioning HALLIBURTON on the Egnatia Odos SA profile.

Anyone and everyone knows that this is a company that has made billions of dollars on the genocide that was unleashed in the Balkans against the Serbs and in countries in the Gulf since it has for decades undertaken projects that quite suspiciously are a result of war.

Cheney, who was part of former US President George Bushs' administration, was also President of HALLIBURTON. It is this very company that also undertook the  reconstruction of projects in countries that were bombed by the CARLYLE GROUP which was headed by Bush and shareholder George Soros. (So Bush's company bombed, and Cheney's company reconstructed. Bush+Cheney=former government in the US. What a joke this all is.)

These companies piled many countries with huge amounts of debt that had the misfortune to be selected for these types of bloodthirsty wars ($$$ business) - all in the framework of course (yeah right) of peace and democracy.

So how did they penetrate the Greek market? Guess what? The CARLYLE GROUP is associated with Mr.Lavrentiadis. Who is Lavrentiadis?

Some may recall his name from a recent hellasfrappe story about Proton Bank. Following the government’s decision to privatise Proton Bank earlier this year by activating a bank rescue fund, the Greek and foreign press began screaming out the word SCANDAL, comparing this to the Bank of Crete Scandal in 1989. Proton Bank was the first bank to be nationalized under the Financial Stability Fund, a safety net set up by Greece and its international lenders for banks that need to recapitalize but do not have the means to raise funds in the market. The central bank of Greece’s move to nationalize Proton Bank (which is currently under investigation for possible violation of Greece's money-laundering law) sparked controversy because analysts claim that Proton's problems are its own. (Read more HERE)

The author on the Triklopodia blog notes that the CARLYLE GROUP made Lavrentiadis very rich and in return the former Greek entrepreneur bought out media companies under great secrecy. This move, or the involvement of the company through Lavrentiadis was never mentioned by the mainstream media, and was totally unknown.

(Lavrentiadis is obviously tied to PASOK since the socialists did everything in their power to bail it out several months ago)

The author says that Lavrentiadis channelled massive amounts of money to the Greek media. If this information is true, then it makes sense why the Greek media consistently slammed the government of Costas Karamanlis and elevated George Papandreou, or the socialists. (Let us not forget who brought the forced us into the embrace of the war-mongering IMF... Now you understand why they were attacking Karamanlis?)

It is only fair to conclude, thereafter that the CARLYLE Group has great interests in Greece. Why else would they use someone to make such investments? What is there main focus as a company? War, construction and you guessed it natural oil and gas. (Now is it starting to make sense Frappers?)

Quite incidentally Lavrentiadis investments on the Greek market were not limited to just the Greek media. He also held shares in the pharmaceutical company Alapis, (which is one of the two companies that imported the controversial vaccine for swine flu  (H1N1).)

(And then they tell us not to believe in conspiracy theories... Really?)

So what can we benefit from this story?

Here is where it becomes even more clearer.

We here at HellasFrappe assume that these giant companies secretly began penetrating the Greek market in the 90s through the ruling PASOK party via Laliotis, for reasons which are all too obvious. After doing our own investigative work, we discovered that:

In 1996 it was rumored that the incident at Imia occurred because space satellites discovered one of the largest natural gas reservoirs ever found in this region. It is suspected that this reservoir begins at Imia and ends near Crete (and as we have seen, neither Greece nor Turkey dares to survey this area for its potential of hydrocarbons). Quite strangely wherever there is oil or natural gas, suddenly these two companies spring up.

In the same period Yugoslavia was being Balkanized by the Clinton-Soros regime and guess which companies were there before and after the chaos?

You guessed it... Same companies!

Through Lavrentiadis' funds, the silence of reporters was a given, and the propaganda and controversy that was spread about credible politicians back then -such as Costas Karamanlis- was obviously conducted for a reason (being to bring back the PASOK party, and business as usual).

Back then the Greek media terrorized citizens about the dangers of not taking the H1N1 vaccine (from the pharmaceutical company of which Lavrentiadis was coincidentally a shareholder of).

(Editor's Note: If you really get right down to it, it is almost like every stinking rock we pick up that screams out scandal, or controversy, the socialist PASOK party is always mentioned. Not even the Italian mafia is that good. If a small blog like Triklopodia did a little bit of googling and uncovered this type of information, imagine what could be revealed with a full scale investigation? If we really want to reverse things and put an end to wars and corporate greed -by companies such as these- then WE THE PEOPLE have TO WAKE UP and take the bull by the horns. We have to speak up. We have to spread awareness. If not a blog, then post a relevant story, google some information, get involved in your community, do anything. But do not stay silent! You are only helping those who want chaos and wars.)

If you enjoy HellasFrappe please help us continue maintaining the free flow of information. We need donations to continue operating, now more than ever. HellasFrappe is dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information on matters that concern Greece and the wider region. Our pursuit of truthful information is a constant and evolving journey. No amount is too small, or too big, it all counts.
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